TWOQC Seeks Applications from Charities

Nancy Jacobs and Deb Melton

As a new year begins, The Women of Quail Creek (TWOQC) would like to let the community know that we are now accepting applications from other organizations who need funds or in-kind contributions for their charitable projects during 2022. Applicants must be an established organization, not an individual. Examples might be in-kind items such as school supplies for children or homeroom supplies for teachers’ classrooms, blankets and sheets for the homeless, or financial donations to supplement your organization’s established programs or a new program within your organization.

We are calling this effort our “Needs Assessment Drive.” Organizations wishing to apply must submit a Needs Assessment form by Feb. 28. Forms can be picked up at the Madera Clubhouse in the TWOQC slot on the wall in the hallway. Online forms can be found on our website at Scroll down and click on the online form link.

The Funding and Giving Committee of The Women of Quail Creek will review all applications and make recommendations to the TWOQC Executive Board. Projects should fit with our mission statement: “We are a community of women dedicated to learning, giving, and engaging.” Once the Funding and Giving Committee makes their recommendations to the TWOQC board, the board will have final approval of all requests. Approved donations, both monetary and in-kind, will be subject to funds available.

Any questions about this drive or the assessment form should be directed to Nancy Jacobs, director of charitable fundraising, at [email protected], or call 970-946-3910.

We are excited about the new year and looking forward to receiving your requests! Happy New Year!