TWOQC Scholarship Committee Sends Thanks

Peggy McGee

The members of The Women of Quail Creek’s (TWOQC) Scholarship Committee extend their sincere appreciation to the Quail Creek residents who have supported them by purchasing their remaining inventory of pint glasses, thermal totes, and flashlights since their fundraising activities were shut down by COVID-19. Over the past five years, the Scholarship Committee has offered thermal tote bags, wine bags, aprons, lighted magnifying glasses, pilsner glasses, pint glasses, and flashlights. Now thanks to the caring community, their entire inventory is gone.

Without the help of residents who have purchased almost $5,800 worth of merchandise, the committee could not continue to offer as many scholarships. It is the students from Sahuarita and Walden Grove high schools and the Women in Transition (non-traditional students who return to school to get a degree that was put on hold) who have benefitted from your generosity. TWOQC looks forward to your continued support of their fundraising efforts.