TWOQC presenter to share her passion for specialty coffee

Anna Perreira in the midst of coffee plants at La Merced farm in Guatemala

Anna Perreira in the midst of coffee plants at La Merced farm in Guatemala

Diane Quinn

Did you ever wonder what makes that really great cup of coffee so special? Have you noticed that some coffee tastes different than others or that some flavors are more pronounced in coffees you sample? The July program for The Women of Quail Creek will help solve those mysteries and many more.

Anna Perreira, CEO and Founder of Yellow Brick Coffee, will present Passionate About Coffee, July 25 at 6:30 p.m. in the Madera Clubhouse Ballroom. Founded in 2011, Yellow Brick Coffee is a specialty coffee roastery-cafe based in Tucson, Arizona. Anna has traveled the world searching for single-origin, specialty coffees. She develops special relationships with the growers of small, high quality farms that may be overlooked by other roasters. The harvested beans are then shipped to Tucson where Anna and co-owner David Perreira develop individual roasting profiles to bring out the unique flavors and characteristics of each coffee.

Known for her passion for coffee and her desire to expand people’s enjoyment of the coffee experience, Anna will share information about her travels, the roasting and cupping process for coffee and tips for brewing your own best cup. She even plans to bring samples to share! And, of course, there will be door prizes from Yellow Brick Coffee as well.

This free program is open to all members of The Women of Quail Creek or any woman who has yet to attend one of the club’s programs. For more information about Yellow Brick Coffee, consult their website,, or visit the roastery and coffee shop at 3220 S. Dodge Boulevard in Tucson.

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