TWOQC February meeting notice

Janice Pell

Monday, February 24 at 10:00 a.m. in the ballroom, The Women of Quail Creek will be treated to an insider’s preview of the upcoming Tucson Festival of Books. Guest speaker Marcy Euler, executive director of the event, will share valuable suggestions for attendees ranging from tips on finding the best parking spaces to how to navigate the festival and to best schedule one’s time according to interests.

As the fourth largest book festival in the country, Tucson Festival of Books, March 15 and 16, attracts around 100,000 people each year with its numerous literary activities for all people of all ages. At this year’s festival, with more than 400 presenters, there will be many opportunities to meet authors, poets, screen writers and journalists. TWOQC will be presented with an overview of the highlights of the event—authors attending, panel discussions, stage entertainment, book signings, Science City and other activities—and Marcy Euler is uniquely positioned to provide the group with information about attending the festival to achieve maximum enjoyment with minimum confusion. A drawing for door prizes will be held after the meeting.

TWOQC will have their first chance to buy tickets for the March 31 members only field trip and luncheon to The Amerind and Triangle T Guest Ranch.

All members and women guests who have not previously attended a TWOQC function and Quail Creek ladies interested in joining the club are invited to attend. For further information, contact Peggy McGee at [email protected] or 207-6188 or Janice Pell at [email protected] or 867-6262.