TWOQC Clothing Swap Helps Victims of Domestic Abuse

Hollie Crombie presented a jar of money to Hands of a Friend Executive Director Gina Dalsing while the members of the clothing swap team smiled, knowing their efforts were appreciated. (Photo by Lois Haglund)

Peggy McGee

Hidden somewhere in the Greater Green Valley area is Genesis House, a haven for female victims of domestic abuse and their children. The actual location is a well-guarded secret to ensure the safety of the residents. The fundraising arm for the nonprofit, Hands of a Friend, gets no assistance from federal, state, or local governments. Rather, all of its income comes from grants, donations, and the sale of gently used clothing from DaZee’s Resale Shop.

The nine women on The Women of Quail Creek’s Community Outreach Team hosted a clothing swap to help the domestic violence victims. They collected consignment-quality clothing and accessories and made them available to members and guests to “shop” without spending any money. In exchange, the shoppers were asked to consider making a donation to Hands of a Friend in appreciation for the free shopping experience. And donate they did. At the end of the day, the money jar contained $1,531.50. The remaining items, which filled the back of a pick-up truck, were taken to DaZee’s, where they will be sold to add to the money earned by the event.