TWOQC Awards Seven Scholarships to Non-Traditional Students

Winners of a $2,500 Women in Transition Scholarship (left to right): Front row: Savanna Gasca, Arianna Landes, Elizabeth Herrera; back row: Karina Martinez, Victoria Dyer, Elizabeth Palmer, Jamie Farmer (photo by Jim Burkstrand)

Suzan Bryceland and Peggy McGee

With a very successful Javelina Hoedown, coupled with donations dedicated to the memory of a loved one or friend, The Women of Quail Creek (TWOQC) was able to award seven $2,500 scholarships to women ranging in age from 24 to 42. All but one of the awardees is pursuing a degree in the medical field.

Elizabeth Herrera was selected for a second scholarship. During her first semester of graduate-level nursing school, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and had to take a medical leave of absence. With medicine, diet, and caring for her overall health, she is now able to return to the University of Arizona where she will be working on a master’s degree in nursing.

Also going to the University of Arizona to earn a degree in nursing are Victoria Dyer and Savanna Gasca. Victoria’s goal is to become a flight nurse at PHI Air Medical in Southern Arizona serving Pima, Santa Cruz, and Cochise Counties. Savanna will be working towards a master’s degree with the ultimate goal of becoming a nurse practitioner.

Arianna Landes is also receiving her second TWOQC scholarship. She will be returning to the Arizona College of Nursing where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in nursing. She related that 2020 was a year of challenges. She lost her brother in a bike accident, and two relatives died from COVID. Her family of five all had COVID, too. During the interview, she said, “Life may be challenging right now, but I will persevere. Though faced with huge financial hits with funeral costs, medical bills, sick time off, bereavement, and school costs, I am showing my three children how hard work and perseverance pay off.”

Karina Martinez, Elizabeth Palmer, and Jamie Farmer are all heading to Pima Community College. Karina wants to become a dental hygienist when she completes her studies. She and her mom have been very close, and she credits her mom with being her inspiration for hard work. Elizabeth, who earned her Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) from the University of Arizona, will be taking general prerequisite courses so she can enter a Doctorate of Physical Therapy program. Her goal is to create a community of strong women who can grow to their potential as leaders in a supportive and compassionate environment. Jamie will be working towards a B.A. in social work to become a victim advocate. She assisted at Sold No More, a nonprofit that helps women who had been sex trafficking victims. This led to her desire to become a victim advocate through the social work program.

TWOQC thanks all who have supported the scholarship program since its inception in 2015. It is because of the generosity of Quail Creek residents that so many motivated women have been given a chance to complete their educations because of the financial help the scholarships afforded them.