Two Longtime QCBC Members Finish Strong in 8-Ball Tournament

QCBC 8-Ball Tournament winner John Andersen and second-place finisher Jimmy DiMartino

Mike Ohrel and Alphie Smith

The latest Quail Creek Billiards Club (QCBC) in-house event was an 8-Ball Tournament. It was held in the Billiards Room at the Madera clubhouse on May 4. The first-place winner was John Andersen, training coordinator for the club. Jimmy DiMartino finished in second place. Both men are longtime members of the club. Congratulations, John and Jimmy!

Thirteen club members participated in the tournament. As all players are getting better over time, tournaments become even more competitive. This held true on May 4. Thirteen matches were played in this single-elimination tournament, and most, if not all, games were very close.

The 8-Ball Tournament followed BCA (Billiard Congress of America) rules, as well as some special in-house rules. QCBC also uses a handicap system to level the playing field and to allow all levels of players an opportunity to win.

On the first Saturday of every month, QCBC sponsors an in-house tournament of either 8-Ball, 9-Ball, or 10-Ball. These tournaments are open to club members only. If you are interested in playing, please join the QC Billiards Club (all levels are welcome).

The QCBC offers other games and training sessions that members can enjoy.