Tumacookery kitchen tips

Peggy McGee

Although one hears, “I don’t cook any more” quite often around Quail Creek, 102 cooking enthusiasts (or at least occasional cooking enthusiasts) were at the Madera Clubhouse to hear Tumacookery owner Randy Wade talk about the latest in time saving kitchen gadgets at a recent TWOQC meeting. Perhaps the ladies were eager to learn how to get out of the kitchen more quickly and Randy delivered on that.

Randy displayed a variety of knives, both stainless steel and ceramic, and talked about the benefits of each. He suggested that every cook needed a chef’s knife and that how it felt in one’s hand should be the deciding factor in which knife to choose. A sharp, comfortable knife makes slicing and chopping go more smoothly.

The highlight of the evening was the sharing of a modified Bananas Foster dessert. As he described its preparation, Randy said that for efficiency we should peel a banana the way monkey’s do-—squeezing it from the bottom. That way the inedible part of the banana stays in the skin as do the fibers that cover the fruit. The ladies eagerly helped in the preparation and serving of the treat.