Tucson Wildlife Center program

A Screech Owl at Tucson Wildlife Center

A Screech Owl at Tucson Wildlife Center

The Tucson Wildlife Center will present Rescue, Rehab, Release on Monday, March 23 at 10:00 a.m. in the Madera Clubhouse Ballroom.

Tucson Wildlife Center’s Mission is dedicated to the rescue, rehab and release of southern Arizona’s native wildlife while promoting habitat protection and co-existence through education.

Tucson Wildlife Center offers educational outreach programs for community groups, schools and events in the Tucson area. Programs focus on our mission of rescue, rehab and release, but are tailored to your needs and interests. Programs may include our live animal ambassadors.

Many of the wild animals that arrive at the rehabilitation center have injuries that go beyond basic care. These animals need intensive care and attention that only a trained and licensed rehabilitator can provide. A wildlife rehabilitator must acquire sufficient permits, use up to date equipment, find sources of funding, coordinate volunteers and be continuously researching new techniques involving capture, rehabilitation and release. Because of the costs associated with treating wildlife, we are asking for your donations so you can help us provide the best care possible for the animals.

Some of the animals that we rescue are unable to be released back into the wild environment. We appreciate the support we receive from the community to house these animals. We are always looking for help at the center. Our team of staff and volunteers love to work here and take pride in the duties.

We are grateful for the items that the community can give our facility. Some items that are needed include office supplies, peanuts (unsalted), kitty litter, laundry soap and frozen chicken. Please call our facility if you have items you think we can use.