Tortilla Making Webinar with Minerva Orduño Rincón

Diane Gordon

The Women of Quail Creek held its first Zoom presentation for members. Since COVID-19 entered our lives, TWOQC has not held a general meeting or presentation for the membership. Also, luncheons are canceled. In hopes of providing something new, the program committee arranged a cooking demonstration via Zoom. An email went to members with the information and a link to connect to the Zoom program. A maximum of 100 women could attend, and several women participated. Those members who were unable to attend have the opportunity to watch the presentation via a link to the program.

Minerva Orduño Rincón, a chef and culinary instructor, gave an online demonstration on making flour tortillas, toasting chiles, and making quesadillas. She also shared information on Mexican cheeses. Her emphasis was on traditions from the Sonoran region of Mexico.

Via the Zoom video, Minerva showed the audience how to mix, knead, roll out the tortillas, and then fry them. Next, she demonstrated how to roast, peel, and cut the chiles. She roasted them over a flame, turning as needed, and then wrapped them in a towel. Finally, she made some quesadillas with queso cocido and roasted chiles. Unfortunately, none of the participants could taste the delicious looking quesadillas.

The individuals in the audience were able to ask questions during the demonstration, making this a rewarding interactive session. The women thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the information learned.

Pat Neel shared what she learned about steaming chiles. “I learned another method from this class, which is wrapping them in a clean towel. It will prevent the chiles from over cooking, particularly if you plan to stuff them.” Marianne Cobarrubias indicated that her in-laws come from the same area where Minerva was born. According to Marianne, “Cheeses are a staple in our home, and roasting peppers over the stovetop burner is our standard.” She “did enjoy Minerva’s Sonoran foods class with her detailed step by step process.”

Stay tuned for other creative ways TWOQC will present programs to members.