To All Quail Creek Nurses and to Our Community

Bunny Mitro and Judy Kerlin

Due to the current social distancing guidelines, the scheduled May meeting of the Quail Creek Nurse Group will be cancelled, but we would like to offer you a few thoughts to ponder.

To all the nurses in our group and to all the members of our community, it is both timely and appropriate to remember Florence Nightingale, “the Lady of the Lamp.” May 12 is the 200th anniversary of her birth. She was the founder of modern nursing, and she instituted sanitation and nutrition policies that made hospitals cleaner and safer places to be.

We, as nurses, took an oath to be caring, compassionate, competent, courageous, and committed. During this current pandemic, nurses everywhere have truly remained faithful to these promises. We applaud our practicing “sisters” who are on the front lines of helping and healing. They are following the model Florence Nightingale began so long ago.

Let us keep our lamps burning, both to honor Florence Nightingale and the entire nursing community today. We hope you all will be safe, remain committed to our collective values, and are looking forward to the other side.