Tips for Successful Renting

Daryl Laux, Webmaster

Approximately 4 in 10 homes in suburban America are occupied by renters. If your property is one of those homes—or about to become one—please read further to learn helpful tips for you, your renters, and the association as you embark on renting your home.

The first step when deciding to lease your home is to call or stop by Member Services in the Madera Clubhouse where they can provide you with important information about what the association requires of owners and renters and tips about the rental process that will be very helpful, especially if you’re leasing for the first time. In order to ensure your renter has a smooth check-in with us, please do your part by registering your tenants (and this goes for guests, too) in advance of their arrival to Quail Creek. Hard copy Rental Policy forms are available at Member Services as well as online on the Quail Creek website under QC Info > Forms & Policies. Please note there is an administrative fee of $25 per rental agreement, payable to the Quail Creek Property Owner’s Association (QCPOA). Checks are to be made payable to the QCPOA. The fee must accompany the Quail Creek Rental policy form and be submitted to the Madera Clubhouse Member Services Desk prior to the start date.

Educating prospective tenants is another important step. Please inform them about the special considerations of living in an active adult community before they sign a lease. Renters must meet the age requirements for living in Quail Creek, as stipulated in the Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs). These include, but are not limited to, at least one person per household being forty (40) years or older and no person being under age nineteen (19). No more than two (2) renters may be living in the home on a full-time basis. Please familiarize your renter(s)/lessee(s) with the requirements of the community documents, including CC&Rs, Quail Creek Rules, and Architectural and Landscape Committee Requirements & Guidelines.

Next is to make sure that your lease agreement is for a minimum of 30 days or more and is for the entire home. Weekend, weekly, or transient leases are strictly prohibited. Please be sure you have a copy of the lease with you when you register your tenants at Member Services. Leases for fewer than 30 days will not be accepted, and use of the amenities by the renters will be prohibited.

All renters must obtain a Renter Member card and have their photos taken—renter(s) must provide identification. Renter Member card(s) will be activated and issued upon completion of all necessary documentation.

Be an advocate for your tenants with the association. After all of the necessary paperwork has been submitted and approved, please ensure your tenants know how to access the athletic club facilities, the restaurant, dog park, and so much more. We have a lot of fun things to do at Quail Creek, and our goal is to make sure everyone has the opportunity to participate during their stay.

Lastly, even though tenants have no vote on association matters, they are an important part of our community. Please join the staff as we make them feel welcomed, provide information that will familiarize them with the association, and encourage them to participate in community activities whenever possible. Today’s renters may be tomorrow’s owners—or even board members. The more we all do to promote a sense of belonging for renters, the more positive and successful the leasing experience will be for everyone.

Member Services is staffed Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. You can also reach them at 520-393-5822.