Thrivent grant supports the charitable work of Fabrics Plus

Fleece Blanket Party participants.

Fleece Blanket Party participants.

Susanne Fairman

Jadine Hilt, a Quail Creek resident successfully applied for a $250 Thrivent grant to support the Youth on Their Own (YOTO) Christmas fleece blanket project. Fabrics Plus chairperson Sue Ann Obremski calculated the yards of fabric that could be purchased at a local fabric store with this grant and called members to a “Fleece Blanket Party” where 105 yards of fabric were cut and fashioned to the correct size, and fabric remnants were cut and fashioned into zippered pockets which were sewn to the blankets. In addition to Fabrics Plus members, many Quail Creek friends and neighbors have provided the hands and talent needed to finish the fabric edges with a crocheted edge. The colorful blankets meant to appeal to middle school students in Sahuarita and Tucson have food themes (donuts, pizza), animal themes (dogs, cats, sloths, turtles, moose), football, floral, and camouflage themes. These blankets will be included in 75 gift bags being prepared by The Women of Quail Creek.

Youth on Their Own is a Tucson based charity which supports the high school graduation and continued success of homeless youth. Over 2,000 students are currently enrolled in the program.

Thrivent is a not-for-profit insurance and financial services membership organization for Christians. Thrivent encourages its members to identify a community need and form volunteer teams to address that need. Thrivent “Action Teams” provide the people power to bring it to life. Thank you, Jadine for your successful grant application!