The Quail in Quail Creek

Gambels Quail

Gambels Quail

Monte Hudson

Are you getting excited to start seeing the “nuggets,” as we call them, the baby quail that will be arriving soon? We may not see as many this year due to the drought, which affects their food sources, which in turn affects productivity.

Our quail are Gambel’s Quail (Callipepla gambelii), named after naturalist William Gambel, and they are specific to the Desert Southwest. The Gambel’s live in pairs, mate for life, and raise the babies together. The female generally lays 12 to 16 eggs. Between the 21st and 24th day, all eggs will hatch at the same time. The chicks hit the ground running (precocial) and will continue to run for the rest of their life, preferring running to flying.

We are so lucky to have these little birds in our neighborhood. They are a constant delight. Put out water on the ground, and you will be almost guaranteed they will drop by for a visit.