The Miata Club has struck again

Left to right: Dusty and Lenny Friedman, Shelley and Sean Comfort, Tom and Bonnie Dean, Gage Camp, Karen Smith, George Malek, Iris, Janice Hightshoe, Doug and Aliceann Christy

The Miata Club has struck again! There they go having fun round and about the area. On Monday, May 20, with seven tops down and a cooler than usual 65 degrees, Lenny created a 50-mile route from Quail Creek to the backside of the mines on Mission Road. From there we stopped at the San Xavier Mission and took a gander through the beautiful, historic building. Of course, there is always time for a photo op or two.
From there we traveled on Ajo Road, west to Kinney Road as if you are heading to the Desert Museum and hiking trails, then turned on Gates Pass. The stunning scenery and group camaraderie made the drive a fun and social event.
We pushed on to the Mercado San Augustin on Congress Road, downtown Tucson, where we enjoyed a wonderful Mexican cuisine luncheon at Seis Kitchen, complemented with great conversation.
If you are interested in joining this goofy and fun-loving group, please let us know. Future rides are posted in What’s Happening with meeting date, time and destination. The next ride is scheduled for Sunday, June 23, 2019.