The Happy Havilina Puppy Farm

Paul Riggins

One day while out driving in the desert;

Going somewhere. Getting nowhere

I passed a small sign sitting beside a cholla cactus

I decided to stop, back up and take a closer look

It read, “This way to the Happy Havilina Puppy Farm”

And it had an arrow pointing right at me

I was confused; I was intrigued; it was an old sign

Well, I liked mysteries. Not sure about Havilinas. I began to search

What could this old sign mean?

And why was it pointing at me?

I liked the name; kind of cute

I didn’t think havilina’s had puppies

But I loved puppies; I liked happy

Kind of a perfect sounding place.

I wondered, did such a place really exist.

So I set out to find it

There were no paths no roads entering the desert

Just the old sign pointing at me

I had to think about it so I went back to Quail Creek

I checked in with a few friends who knew the area

Nope! No one knew about it

And, no one knew anyone who had been there

Someone mentioned they might have seen the old sign

The mystery grew and my search continued

When I returned to the area of the sign

There were cars parked everywhere

I thought this place must really exist

I parked nearby and wandered into the desert

Funny thing, I never encountered a living thing

The mystery deepened; my intrigue grew

Wherever it was, the puppy farm must be some place

I thought there might be a secret entrance

It was getting hot; I finally gave up

I went back to my car; I had found no clues

I thought about coming back another day

Maybe then, I could find it and get my puppy.

I returned not once but again several times

Each time; same thing; No luck: no farm and no puppies

Then one day, it hit me

I realized my searching had been in vain

I thought, well, just maybe I already have a puppy

And the puppy farm lives inside of me

I was looking out there;

When it was hidden within me

After all, the sign had pointed at me

I thought, maybe the farm is not a really a farm;

Maybe, the search is about new rather than old

Maybe, life is full of puppies and happy is everywhere

I went back to my air-conditioned home and reflected

I was happy and there were puppies everywhere

I just had failed to recognize this reality

The Happy Havilina Puppy Farm is here and there and

Where I am going; you are going and we are going

All I needed to do was to show up

Just be the puppy that I am

Just love everyone, cuddle and lick

Just trust, be patient and loyal

An occasional mess is OK

And yes, the Happy Havilina Puppy Farm is our home

So, be the puppy that you are

Share the love, the scratches and pets

Show others how to be the puppy

That lives within us all

And yes, create puppy piles everywhere