The First Pickleball Member Tournament

Erika Lochow and Candace Plumlee
One hundred four competitors, 41 volunteers giving over 300 collective hours, and dozens of spectators watching and cheering made this one-day initial event in Quail Creek a huge success.
Erika Lochow was the event director. Shireen Kolarik and Bill Entwistle were the tournament directors. The setup for the event included publicity, coordination with Quail Creek Property Owners Association, the use of SignUp Genius, and the group signing in players.
The play could not have taken place without the courts being prepped, court captains maintaining the flow of play, and referees keeping the medal-round scores.
Our own Bill Foraker, otherwise known as “(un)sound guy,” gave everyone the rhythm to watch and play by.
A midday break served up lunch and time to discuss about the play finished and that about to take place. Raffle prizes were given.
Medals were awarded to the following:
Mixed Beginner/Novice—Gold: Debbi Nelson; Silver: Stuart Nelson; Bronze: Cindy Nelson
Women’s Beginner—Gold: Terri Porish, Christy Hubbard; Silver: Sherry Mayer, Tracey Fundine; Bronze: Debbie Molitor, Jill Fratinini
Women’s Novice—Gold: Deb Fagan, Connie Olsen; Silver: Elizabeth Cornell, Jane Chung; Bronze: Sandy Einfeldt, Johanna Keyworth
Women’s Intermediate—Gold: Coleen Ebert, Jenny Farran; Silver: Bobbi Jo Blythe, Brynda Starner; Bronze: Theresa Lien, Diane Rensberry
Women’s Advanced—Gold: Karen Morse, Sharon Kolarik; Silver: Hilary Porter, Kelli Rich; Bronze: Tami Papapetru, Mary Eastwood
Men’s Intermediate—Gold: Todd Gibbons, Bill Blythe; Silver: Paul Mencke, Chuck Eparvier; Bronze: Tom Wenk, Jeff McGinn
Men’s Advanced—Gold: Doug Christy, Pat Kolarik; Silver: Jerry Gunn, Bill Vollink; Bronze: Rich Haupt, Greg Dinnocenti