The Evolution of the Putters’ Quail Pins

Yoshie Hennessey proudly wears her pins on her visor. Nancy McDaniels, who also earned four quail pins, is out of the area for the summer. (Photo by Peggy McGee)

Quail pin (photo by Janet Wegner)

Peggy McGee

In 2019 the Lady Putters decided to introduce a new way to recognize those ladies who did exceptionally well on the putting green. The solution: a pin with the club’s quail mascot. A member could earn a pin if she got five or more holes-in-one on a single day. It didn’t take long for them to realize that this could happen quite often, especially when the group was putting on the small green during renovation projects. They decided to tighten the criteria for earning a pin. A Lady Putter could only get a pin once in a calendar year, no matter how many times she scored five or more holes-in-one.

Since the program started, they have given out about 75 pins—that gives one a good idea of how many skilled putters are in the club. Yoshie Hennessy and Nancy McDaniel have each earned four pins, one for each year the program has been in existence.

The top performers were Randi Kauppi and Sharon Schoen who both managed to get eight holes-in-one on different dates.

Those who have scored seven holes-in-one include Kathy Guy, Kim France, Patty Baker, Randi Kauppi, Sharon Schoen, and Terri Porisch.