The Democratic Club Is Busy Hosting Events

From left: Nancy Neely, Becky Beaton, Kirsten Engel, Linda Robinson, and Lois Haglund (photo by Lori Cinnamond)

From left: Laura Callejon, Susan Reynolds, and Dristen Engel (photo by Lori Cinnamond)

Deb Melton

On June 17 Eric Robbins, Pima County party chairman, came to our monthly meeting and talked with the crowd about what he sees as the best way for democrats to come together and elect more democrats in 2024. Eric outlined what he sees as the primary means to do that, work from the bottom up. His plan is to have the county organization help local clubs like ours to do three things: 1. Register new residents to vote, 2. Educate every voter about the candidates and what they stand for, 3. Motivate everyone to cast their ballots before election day. For information on the activities of the Democratic Club of Quail Creek (DCQC), go to and join!

One of the most popular events that DCQC holds each month is the Women In Blue Luncheon. On May 25 Jeanne Buell hosted a luncheon for 42 democratic women at her home in Quail Creek for Kirsten Engel who is running for Congress from Arizona’s 6th District. That’s ours!

Kirsten Engel is a former state legislator, and an attorney, law professor, wife, and mother. In 2022 she lost the seat to republican Juan Ciscomani in one of the closest elections in the country. At the luncheon, Engel outlined why she is running again. Once elected, she wants to do whatever she can to expand access to quality, affordable health care here in Southern Arizona and to fight to restore reproductive rights. Other priorities are to strengthen Social Security and Medicare and invest in environmentally sustainable physical infrastructure to create jobs here and build an economy that works for everyone.

Kirsten is determined to win this race, and spokesman Wes Share said, “In 30 days, Kirsten has already demonstrated that she has what it takes to finish the job and take back this seat.” Engel has received amazing support from all over Arizona. Moms Fed Up has endorsed her, the PAC started by former Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick, along with former Congresswoman Kirkpatrick herself, Congressman Ruben Gallego, Sheriff Chris Nanos, and former Congressman Ron Barber, to name a few. Outspent by Ciscomani in 2022, Engel raised more than $100,000 in the first 72 hours of her campaign, but it will take a lot more than that to win in 2024.

Right now what she needs most is for you to help her get her name on the ballot for the primary. To do that, go to and sign her ballot petition.

June’s Women In Blue Luncheon was held on June 22 at the Coyote Grill. Gayle Peek of Paws Patrol talked about how they “help people fall in love”—with a kitty, that is. Paws Patrol is a nonprofit that takes in strays and kittens and helps find them new homes. Visit their website

More information about the Democratic Club of Quail Creek can be found at