Thank You, Quail Creek Residents, for Rallying Around Lapan

Connie Vaughan

In early November, Caring Hearts & Hands of Quail Creek sent out a request for QC residents to “play Santa” and fulfill the wish lists of underprivileged children in South Tucson. Residents took gift tags from a holiday tree and made those wishes come true for 244 students (preschool through high school).

Once again, QC residents supported the Lapan Sunshine Foundation, a Tucson-based organization with the vision that every student in South Tucson should have the resources, support, and ambition to pursue their highest aspirations for academic and professional success.

Then in December, Caring Hearts & Hands QC got busy, receiving gifts ranging from musical instruments (violin/saxophone for school band), bikes, footballs, soccer cleats, toys, dolls, books, clothing, and even bed sheets and towels. Caring Hearts & Hands provided a new blanket for each family. Seventy-five collectible, battery-operated Hess toy trucks were also donated by QC resident Carolyn McDonnell in memory of her husband Paul McDonnell who purchased and collected these trucks for more than 50 years and wanted them to be given to children. And Valorie Pretzer (another QC resident) donated eight American Girl dolls with matching outfits (handmade by Valorie) and eight crocheted blankets for the dolls.

All these gifts were packed and sorted by child/youth into large holiday gift bags by Caring Hearts & Hands members.

Additionally, QC residents made it possible to provide each family with a holiday dinner (ham, diced tomatoes, pinto beans, rice, cornbread, and cookies) through monetary donations and participation in Caring Hearts & Hands fundraisers throughout 2023.

Gifts were delivered to the children and their families before the holidays, and there was much joy and gratitude expressed from the many thank-you notes that Caring Hearts & Hands received.

Thank you, Quail Creek residents, who participated and made a child’s Christmas truly memorable!