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Jettsetters’ 4th Anniversary

Back row: Barbara Larson NW/DL, Kathy Curran NW/DL, Shirley Larsen EA, Mike Conley BOAC, Dave Murphy BOAC, Greg Durnham WA/DL, Melanie Eppens UA, Fred Martin DL, Sandi Martin DL, Casey Thompson CO/UA Joyce Walton DL Al, Weston UA; not shown John Stochbower TWA; front row: Meg Matosich WA/DL, Paula Blackmar AA, Mary Tylman NW/DL, Kandi Roy FA

March 26, 2012, two Delta flight attendants, Sandi Martin and Joyce Walton, organized an airline club; named it Jetsetters. We have over 40 members, have luncheons once a month, cocktail parties throughout the year. If you have worked for an airline, any capacity, any length of time and would like to join us, please call…