State Parties


Linda Beal

The annual Minnesota Club dinner took place February 7 at the Madera Ballroom. Hosted by Linda Beal, Shirley Johnson, Kris Oscarson and MaryJo Schupmann, the Minnesotans enjoyed food, companionship and humor. A contribution of $210 was collected and has been delivered to the Green Valley Food Bank. Many thanks to all!

The Quail Creek staff provided excellent arrangements and a delicious meal which was appreciated by all. It was a great time for those with ties to Minnesota to meet and greet, don’t ya know. Entertainment by Paul Schupmann and Dick Oscarson (Sven and Ole) was well received under threat of being drafted for next year’s presentation which we are already looking forward to on February 6, 2018. All residents, guests and renters are welcome. If you aren’t already and would like to be on the email notification list, or have questions, please contact Shirley Johnson at 520-207-0074 or Kris Oscarson at 952-200-2277.