Springtime in Quail Creek

Bonnie Nowicki

Are you weary dragging out the frost cloth yet again? We were spoiled with mild winters until 2019. Don’t be discouraged. Spring is right around the corner. My trailing rosemary bushes are full of delicate blue flowers. The freeze doesn’t bother these hardy evergreens. My ‘Wheelers’ dwarf pittosporum also continue to be vibrant and lovely. These dependable shrubs lift my spirit.

How fortunate we are to live in a well-maintained and landscaped community. On my brisk morning walks I admire the creativity of my neighbors’ landscaping. There is so much gardening talent in Quail Creek. Colorful pansies are gently tucked into nooks and crannies or overflowing in unique pots. Growing among stately cactus and succulents, evergreen bushes and palms give fullness to the landscape. The clever placement of rockery enhances each yard. All are a feast for the eyes. During my walks, gardening ideas germinate. Take a walk in your neighborhood and get inspired!

Of course, I cannot overlook the natural desert. With the abundant rainfall and snow the gold poppies and other wildflowers are putting on a show. Check out some Arizona state parks. Also, as the weather warms, set aside some time to stroll through the cactus garden at the Green Valley, U of A Cooperative Extension center on Whitehouse Canyon Road. I’m finishing my volunteer hours for my Master Gardener certification at this center. Come visit and discover the raised vegetable beds in large, unique containers. The winter greens are lush. Presently, Master Gardener classes are underway and the center is buzzing with activity. Winter cleanup and planning for a Veterans’ garden and sensory garden are keeping all master gardeners pleasantly busy. Center hours are 8:00 a.m. untill noon, Monday-Friday. Phone is 520-648-0808. This resource center has U of A gardening handouts on planting, watering, fertilizing, etc. and the experts will gladly answer your gardening questions.

In late March, after pruning winter damage, it’ll be time to plant trees (including citrus), shrubs and perennials. If you need good bagged soil or mulch, we have a supply at the center, plus we’re preparing to sell starter cactus and succulents. Springtime signals new beginnings, so fold your frost cloth for storage and think spring!