Spotlight on Employees

Miguel Martinez

Donna Dunn

Hello residents of Quail Creek,

Back in July 2019, we implemented a staff recognition program to acknowledge those who have gone above and beyond. Each quarter there are two employees chosen by management; one front of the house and one back of the house staff member. At the end of the year, every employee of the quarter has the chance to be named Employee of the Year. At this time, we would like to announce the 2021 Front of House and Back of House Employees of the 3rd Quarter. Drumroll, please …

2021 Employees of the 3rd Quarter–Back of House

Miguel Martinez, Sous Chef

Miguel has been instrumental this past quarter. He has helped on multiple banquets when unforeseen circumstances have prevented staff from working. Miguel cares about doing a good job and has a passion for the culinary field. He is always greeting others and is a very welcoming employee. Miguel has been with Quail Creek for more than 21 years and continues to give his best at every shift.

2021 Employees of the 3rd Quarter–Front of House

Donna Dunn, Food and Beverage/Guest Service Supervisor/Restaurant Assistant Manager

Donna is a “jack-of-all-trades” and is willing to do whatever it takes to make the resident experience pleasant. You’ll see her cleaning windows, scrubbing floors, taking food orders, overseeing restaurant staff, overseeing member service staff, and delivering wine orders to resident vehicles. She always does everything with a smile on her face. Donna has been with Quail Creek for more than seven years. We are sad but excited for Donna, as she will be retiring in January 2022.