Spotlight On Advertiser: Pure Clean Solar

Why clean your solar panels? Dirt holds heat and blocks light.

Advancements in technology have made it possible for homeowners to power their homes with solar energy, but did you know there was a time when it was believed that Solar wouldn’t be feasible in Arizona?

Solar panel production suffers as the panels get hot, and as we all know, it gets HOT in Arizona. Studies show that for every degree above 107° you lose 1.1% of production. We’ve taken temperatures of panels in the 140* range on an 80* day, which translates to a 13% reduction in productivity. The only way to combat this heat problem is to clean the baked on minerals away (rain won’t do the job) as it’s the minerals that absorb the heat and hold it. Cleaner is cooler and we get them spotless with the most environmentally friendly system there is, deionized water.

Using deionized water as a cleanser is a relatively new method, but it’s incredibly effective for this application. We produce our own deionized water in a two-stage process and we bring it with us in a 525 gallon tank. The water we use to clean your panels is so pure it won’t even conduct electricity. Once the baked on minerals are loosened and rinsed away (you can’t do this with your hose), the panels dry spot and streak free and the glass is so smooth that it’s less susceptible to easy soil accumulation, meaning the panels stay clean longer.

We go to great expense and effort to make our homes look nice and there’s no question that clean panels look better. When one considers that the cost of cleaning solar panels can be nearly or totally offset by greater energy production, it seems like the question “why would you clean your solar panels?”, really should be, “why wouldn’t you clean your solar panels?”

Here are a few testimonials from our clients:

“Wonderful service. Great work and added rewards of producing more solar because my panels are so clean.” ~ Diane Nickolas

“Very well. Richard and Joe showed up on time. They got right to work and cleaned my entire array within one hour. Pure Clean Solar uses pure de-ionized water to clean solar cells, not tap water, which leaves mineral spots over all the solar cells and allows a much faster build-up and retention of dust and dirt than does de-ionized water. I used to clean my array myself with tap water and always noticed the water spots. I had to clean often. When I discovered Pure Clean Solar and decided to give it a try, I noticed immediately that the water spots were gone. Since that first go, I have had my solar array cleaned professionally by Pure Clean Solar ever since. After cleaning by Pure Clean Solar, all my solar cells look as shiny, clear, and clean as they did on day one way back in January 2011 when my array went on-line. Finally, Pure Clean Solar has a huge tank of de-ionized water and great equipment, all self-contained in an enclosed trailer pulled by a Ford E350 van. Even to someone who knows nothing about solar-cleaning, the outstanding physical appearance of the tow vehicle, the trailer, and the equipment therein will give any client a sense of well-being, i.e. that he/she is getting a very professional service at a very reasonable price. Most definitely, the productivity of a client’s solar array…big or small…will be enhanced with a Pure Clean Solar cleaning.” ~ Douglas Van Dorpe

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