Spotlight on Advertiser: On the Go, With Arizona GO!

David Taylor

A new airport transportation service is available for Quail Creek called Arizona GO!

Owners Greg and Robin Williams started their company in May 2018 serving the six major 55 and older communities of Northwest Tucson, including Robson’s SaddleBrooke and SaddleBrooke Ranch. As business quickly grew, they opened up to the Casa Grande area with Robson Ranch since they always passed by the community on their way to and from the Phoenix Sky Harbor and the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway airports. And Quail Creek is now on their service list as well.

Greg Williams drove for Uber and Lyft prior to starting Arizona GO! (Formerly known as Wildcats Xpress). Always feeling there was something missing from these two rideshare companies, he knew he could do better. “Folks want to feel safe; they want a safe drive, a clean vehicle, and a responsible and law-abiding driver.” Greg said. “That’s what Arizona GO! provides.”

In addition, their on-time record is fantastic. When asked about the company’s driving record, Greg commented, “Our goal is to eliminate as much stress in your travel as possible. When picking you up at your home, our drivers text their anticipated arrival about 20 to 40 minutes out from a predetermined pick-up time. Our customers need to know we’re coming and what time to expect us outside their front door. At the airports, we text when we arrive with the driver’s cell number and pick-up instructions about where to meet.”

What happens if a plane comes in late? “We do our best,” said Greg. “We don’t have control over when the flight arrives, but we do know when it will arrive. Drivers have an app on their phones. The driver and office plan accordingly. If the flight comes in early and the schedule allows, we try to arrive early. If it comes in late, we do the same. However, our business is based upon volume, and flight delays can create havoc in our ride schedule. Again, we do our best. Out of about 2,500 rides we’ve completed, everyone has made it to their destinations.”

When you visit the colorful company website, you get a feel of uniqueness—a sense of belonging to a family rather than being treated as a customer. They’ve established a website just for Quail Creek residents and guests. You can find their current pricing at

Arizona GO! currently provides a multiparty door-to-door Select Service to and from Green Valley. They come to you at your home and take you directly to your airport terminal. The same on your return. Their Premier Service is for those who want a private car experience.

According to Greg, Arizona GO! is a recognized airport transportation provider at all three major airports, and has the business and vehicle insurances to meet their standards. His cars are certified through the Vehicle For Hire program. Drivers are verified and fingerprinted to ensure proper vetting.

The website has many customer and non-customer reviews, which provide a glimpse of what people think. “TrustPilot is a respectable business review website we use specifically to host our customer comments. Folks have been very gracious about our service.” Greg said.

Now Quail Creek residents have a new choice in getting to and from the airport. Leave your car at home. Relax and enjoy. Let Arizona GO! get you to where you want to go!

For information, visit or call 520-360-5354.