Spotlight On Advertiser: Arizona Institute of Urology

Arizona Institute of Urology is excited to announce the re-location of their Green Valley location. Their new location at 516 E. Whitehouse Canyon Rd. #160 opened for appointments April 6, 2015. This southern Arizona practice focuses on innovative and comprehensive urology care for men and women.

At Arizona Institute of Urology, they have been providing comprehensive care focused on you for more than 20 years. With their long-standing commitment to their community, their eight highly qualified urologists continue to offer the finest urological care at their five convenient locations around the Tucson area including Green Valley and Oro Valley. AIU is the first name for urological care for men and women in Arizona.

AIU combines friendly, compassionate care with state-of-the-art treatments and procedures to get you feeling like you again. And through our cancer center on Tucson’s northwest side, they offer Varian’s RapidArc, advanced radiation therapy for safe, effective treatment of prostate cancer. For the most comprehensive treatment in urology, turn to Arizona Institute of Urology.

To schedule an appointment at any of their five convenient locations please call 520-618-1010 or visit for more information.

About Arizona Institute of Urology

At Arizona Institute of Urology, their highly qualified physicians are committed to providing the finest, comprehensive urological care for men and women in the Tucson area that is completely focused on the patient. They offer five convenient locations, including the most advanced radiation therapy care at the Cancer Therapy Center. Board certified urologists specialize in medical conditions related to prostate health, overactive bladder (incontinence), impotence, urinary tract infections, vasectomies, kidney stones and all other urological conditions. At the Cancer Therapy Center, the focus is on cancer diagnosis, pathology, treatment planning, and minimally invasive surgery, all of which contribute to AIU’s mission to provide the best urological care for its patients.

Arizona Institute of Urology also has a commitment to making a difference for prostate cancer in their community. AIU partnered with ZERO–The End of Prostate Cancer in 2011 to honor their commitment to create awareness about prostate cancer, raise money for prostate cancer research, free local programs including treatment, and to make a difference for those affected by prostate cancer. To date they have hosted three races, two golf tournaments, offered free screenings to over 200 men locally, and have raised over $300,000 for prostate cancer research and programs. In addition to supporting men, and their spouses, that have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, AIU offers a support group to address the physical and emotional concerns that they may be dealing with and to create a community in which they can relate to others dealing with the same issues.