Show your thanks



Every resident of Quail Creek has two important tasks to complete in the near future; one is to elect the most qualified candidate to the HOA Board and the other is to let the employees of Quail Creek know just how much their service is appreciated. Documentation for both of these tasks should have recently arrived in your mailbox. If you have not already done so, please take a few minutes to vote and to write a check for the Employee Appreciation Event. The money that is collected is used to buy gift cards for the employees; the value of the gift card being determined by the number of hours these men and women have worked for you during the past year.

Sometimes the work our employees do is taken for granted because they do it so seamlessly but they clean the clubhouse lounge, library, bathrooms, fitness center; they set up for and clean up after meetings; they trim the trees and spray for weeds in the common areas; they tend bar, cook your food, clear the tables and do many more tasks to keep Quail Creek looking spiffy, top notch and first class. They work for you and they work for me, not for Mr. Robson; our HOA dues pay their salaries.

Although we may thank them verbally throughout the year, every once in a while they deserve some special recognition. Once a year we bring them all together and host the Employee Appreciation Event which will be held this year in the clubhouse at 4:00 p.m. on December 8. Employees are acknowledged, thanked by name and presented with their gift card. When all awards have been given out, the employees enjoy a dinner paid for by Mr. Robson. Residents are welcome to join the festivities in the clubhouse ballroom and add in their own personal thanks.

Please join the other residents of Quail Creek in thanking our hard working employees. Checks should be made payable to QCEAE and can be dropped off at the Concierge Desk in the clubhouse or in one of the special boxes at the Grill, the Pro Shop or the Fitness Center. If you prefer, you can mail your donation to: CEAE, 2055 E. Quail Crossing Boulevard, Green Valley, Arizona 85614.

Thank you so much for helping us show our thanks.