Scholarship Applications Available Now

High school scholarship winners in 2022: Front (left to right): Aymara Porras, Gabby Wander, Adalien Santa Maria, and Alicia Cabrera in frame; back (left to right): Adrea Herrera, Madison Mulkins, Megan Duncan, and Alicia Cabrera in frame (photo by Jim Burkstrand)

Deb Melton

Each year The Women Of Quail Creek (TWOQC) Scholarship Committee awards scholarships to high school girls and to adult women returning to school. We refer to the adult women as Women In Transition (WIT). The TWOQC Scholarship program was started in 2016 and has grown steadily each year.

In 2016 scholarships were awarded to two high school recipients, one from Walden Grove High School and one from Sahuarita High School. Both of those young women have since graduated from college and gone on to fulfilling careers. TWOQC is pleased that we could help these young women along their road to becoming successful adults.

In 2022 the high school program expanded to include Rio Rico High School, along with Sahuarita High School and Walden Grove High School. If you know of girls in those high schools, applications can be accessed through the guidance counselors at each school. The committee also works closely with coaches, teachers, and others at those schools to help identify girls who may not think about applying for a scholarship. While academic achievement is important, the committee hopes to identify girls for whom financial need is great. If you have a granddaughter attending one of these schools or know someone who does, please let them know that this scholarship is available not only to those planning on attending college, but to those who want to earn a certificate at a community college or trade school.

The other category of scholarships awarded by TWOQC is the Women In Transition Scholarship. WIT is designed to assist adult women whose education was interrupted after high school and are now returning to school. There are very few scholarships for these nontraditional students. It is challenging each year to spread the word about this scholarship opportunity. Women must be older than age 21 and a resident of Pima or Santa Cruz counties to apply.

The program has grown every year since it began in 2017. To date, the committee has reviewed more than 80 applications and awarded 24 scholarships. But this group is the hardest one to reach. Most women learn about this scholarship from Pima Community College. Each year the committee distributes flyers to businesses, hair salons, nail techs, restaurants, the Quail Creek Grill and front office, and so forth in an effort to connect with women who are thinking of returning to school to let them know that this scholarship is available. We need your help. If you know of a woman who is returning to school, please visit The Women Of Quail Creek website Under the banner Bulletin Board, click on the scholarship application. The application can be printed from there.

Many of you have helped us raise the money needed to award these scholarships to young women who are our future. We now ask your help in getting out the word so that many will apply. The Women Of Quail Creek thank the community for your continuing support. Thank you! We look forward to a healthy and prosperous new year!