‘Save the Scenic Santa Ritas’ Topic of Democratic Club Meeting

Rendering of the west side, the one visible from Quail Creek, showing before and (in the lower portion) the projected impact of the mining project. The dotted line across the middle of the lower rendering shows how much the ridgeline will change if the Hudbay project continues as planned. (Photo courtesy of Robert Gay of Patagonia Area Resource Alliance)

Deb Melton

There have been other presentations throughout Green Valley on the topic of saving the Santa Ritas; however, there is still interest in our community on this issue. On Jan. 21 at 3 p.m. in the Mesquite Room of the Kino Center, Democratic Club members and others interested in this topic will gather for an overview and discussion. This meeting is open to the public.

Perhaps you have seen some of the many articles in the Green Valley News or the Arizona Daily Star on this subject. The Hudbay Mining Company of Canada, which owns the mine visible from Quail Creek, formerly the Rosemont Mine, is seeking to significantly expand its operations over the next 44 years. Many residents have questioned how this proposed expansion will impact local water resources, air quality, wildlife, increased truck traffic and noise levels, and other environmental impacts.

On Jan. 21 Dave Gamrath, Green Valley resident and community activist who has attended other presentations, will be giving an overview of things he has learned. Dave’s background and professional career were not in mining; however, he has taken a keen interest in this project and has attended several meetings where company officials spoke to public concerns. In addition, a board member from Save the Scenic Santa Ritas, a local nonprofit, will also be on hand to answer questions. You can learn more about this group on their website www.scenicsantaritas.org.

John Murthy, president of Quail Creek Democratic Club, said, “While there have been several other open forums on this subject, there are still a lot of people who don’t know much about this mine and especially how it will impact us here in Quail Creek. That’s why we thought it was important to have Dave and a representative from Save the Scenic Santa Ritas come to our January meeting.”

If you have seen the growing number of bright lights on the horizon to the east and wondered what’s going on out there, this is your opportunity to learn more.

Following the presentation and Q and A, there will be a short annual business meeting to elect officers for 2023. All residents of Quail Creek who are interested are encouraged to attend.