Real Tools for Real Life

Joan Marlow

The third annual Successful Aging Dementia Conference is going virtual! This event is typically held in the Sun Lakes Robson Community and we fill the room. This year we don’t have to worry about room size because we’re virtual. This means that we can reach more families than ever, wherever they call home and whenever it’s convenient for them. Visit for details and to register.

The mission of this conference is to help family caregivers and their support team of friends, neighbors, and family members (anywhere in the country) handle daily life with dementia just a little more successfully. Yes, our current world has thrown us some lemons, but with this conference now virtual, those lemons are becoming lemonade.

* The live conference presentations will take place over four consecutive Thursdays starting Oct. 29. Don’t worry, you can register until Nov. 18, and not miss a thing because you’ll have 24/7 access through the end of the year!

* The speakers will share practical insight you may never have imagined!

* The exhibitors will share products and services that are essential in this phase of life!

* And more—including opportunities for one-on-one conversations with speakers and exhibitors which aren’t typically possible during live events.

If dementia is not a part of your life, thank your lucky stars. Please consider sharing with family members, co-workers, neighbors, and friends, who have been touched by dementia, so they’re given the opportunity for this accessible help.

Don’t miss out on joining us on our journey to provide tools for everyday living with dementia.

For more information, visit or call 480-493-4818.