Quail Creek’s Virtual Events

Don’t forget we are still offering our Virtual Events which can be ordered through the Concierge Desk at 520-393-5822, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Pick up will be at The Grill (restaurant) drive through, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Give us a couple days’ notice!

Scallops & “Brownies” Cooking Demo and Meal Kit, which includes the ingredients to make Chef Aris’ Scallop Dinner with Forbidden Rice. Epi’s Fudgy Brownies are pre-made for you. Includes both recipes. $38 + tax. Serves two.

Chicken Enchiladas & Cookies Demo & Meal Kit Your meal kit includes the ingredients to make Chef Aris’ Chicken Enchiladas. Epi’s Wedding Cookies are pre-made for you. Includes both recipes. $15 + tax. Serves two.

Meditation and Yoga for Beginners with Epifania: Follow along with Epi via YouTube as she very gracefully guides you step by step through meditation and beginning steps of Yoga. Epi is a certified Yoga instructor and our very own banquets director. Epi will show you how to make her healthy smoothie bowl with frozen bananas, blueberries, papaya, strawberries, dried figs, hemp seeds, and pistachios. Smoothie Bowl – $15 + tax.

Our newest box:

Pork Belly & Coconut Box Kit includes Chef Aris’ Pork Belly Fritters and an already pre-made  Epi’s Coconut Magic Cookie Bars. Follow along via You Tube with Chef Aris & Epifania as they prepare dinner and dessert. Your box will include both recipes for $21 + tax

We are still offering our refreshing Pre-made Adult Beverage Boxes to Go.

Mimosa Box:

Contains a bottle of sparkling wine with an 8oz. mason jar of, orange juice and a small bag of blueberries for garnish. Serves 2 for $10.00.

Bloody Mary Box:

Contains a bottle of house vodka, 12 oz. mason jar of bloody Mary mix, sliced celery stick (2 stalks), lemons (half a lemon), lime (half a lime), sliced pickles, pepperoncini (4), olives (6), baby tabasco bottles, spice mix. Serves 2 for $12.50.

(Does not include tax)