Quail Creek Residents Rise to the Occasion

QC GFM team members Harvey Trott, Andrew Rodriguez, and Jon Quinn (left to right) reveal the ceremonial check presented to QC management.

QC GFM team members Harvey Trott, Andrew Rodriguez, and Jon Quinn (left to right) reveal the ceremonial check presented to QC management.

Jeff Krueger

Quail Creek residents have always shown a sense of community, caring, and friendship. We are known for our “Quail Creek Wave” as we traverse the community walking, biking, or in our golf carts. We also care deeply for our great employees that take such good care of us and our community.

The month of April showed this when a small group of residents, Andrew Rodriguez, Keven Donlan, Dan Ward, Harvey Trott, and Jon Quinn established a Go Fund Me (GFM) account and promoted donations to assist those of our employees that had hours cut or eliminated due to the COVID-19 shutdown of operations.

Over 400 of our Quail Creek residents made generous contributions to this fund over an approximate 30-day period, raising a whopping $52,889 available for distribution. “With regard to our QC employee assistance campaign, surpassing our goal of raising $50,000 in only 27 days truly shows the concern and kindness our residents have for our employees,” stated Andrew Rodriguez, the GFM team leader. Rodriguez and the team posted daily updates on the progress of the fund, plans for distribution, and other details to ensure that all of our residents were kept well informed.

While there were no employee names or other identifying information given to the team, Quail Creek management was able to provide information of hours lost by substituting numbers for names on a spreadsheet the GFM team used to determine the distribution. Only employees that had hours cut or eliminated entirely were considered for assistance, and each affected employee got the same amount of money. One employee stated, “this is far more money than I had anticipated and it will really come in handy, since I have no idea when, or if, I’ll be back at work”.

The checks (without names) from the GFM, along with envelopes and a cover letter from the team, in both English and Spanish, were turned over to the QC General Manager David Jones, on May 8 in a ceremony outside the Grill. After the QC administration inserted names on the checks, Quail Creek management started distributing checks on Friday, May 15. A small amount of money remains in the fund and, according to the GFM team, will be used to assist any hardship cases or employees ending up with extended furloughs. All monies donated will go to our employees in need.

GFM team member Kevin Donlan sums it up with, “we were happy to be able to help by getting the Go Fund Me account set up. The team could not be prouder of our residents that helped make this effort successful in assisting our employees in need.”