Quail Creek Pickleball Club Winter League

Photo by Shireen Kolarik

David Mungo

The Quail Creek Pickleball Club (QCPC) Winter League season ended March 26 and was celebrated with food and drink at the Ramada. There were more than 140 players during the nine-week season. They played with spirit, sportsmanship, and skill! If you visited the courts any Sunday afternoon during the season, you saw 16 full courts of QCPC members at their best.

Winners of the Winter League

Congratulations to the winning teams—the best of the best!

Men’s Division: The Coyotes

Allen Hartman and Frank Baker, Captains

Dave Rostollan, Dennis Grothaus, John Terveen, John Wrucke, Rod Malloy, David Thomas, Doug Sherman, Doug Stacken, Forrest Lien, John Gothard, Lenny Friedman, Pat Kolarik, Phil Brule, and Tom Wenk

Women’s Division: The Picklenators

Susan Popp and Debi Vail, Captains

Andree Trosclair, Cheryl Hauser, Deb Fagan, Deb Speer, Dusty Friedman, Frannie Vanselow, Jamie Knight, Jane Chung, Jenny Green, Joan Wickstrom, Mary Heffner, Ardean Nickerson, Jenny Turner, Margie Collins, Sandy Veydt, Sharon Frank, and Sharon Minor

What’s Next?

QCPC Summer League (mid-June through mid-August) is next.

Pickleball is America’s fastest-growing sport. To find out more about the Quail Creek Pickleball Club, go to www.qcpickleball.org. To join the club and start playing, go to qc.pickleball.plus.