Quail Creek Has Newsletters!

Daryl Laux, Webmaster

Quail Creek has several different newsletters that keep you up-to-date on news, events, and announcements in Quail Creek. You can subscribe to one or all of them, depending on your interests.

* What’s Happening at Quail Creek: Published Monday through Friday with information, announcements, and news about Quail Creek. Edited by Daryl Laux, webmaster and editor.

* Fresh from the Grill: Daily publication with new menus, events, and specials at The Grill at Quail Creek Restaurant and Lounge. Published by Epi Torres, director of banquets, events, and catering.

* Quail Creek Ticketed Events: Published Wednesdays and contains events for which you can purchase tickets at Member Service. Published by Epi Torres, director of banquets, events, and catering.

* General Manager Update: Monthly publication from the general manager, Melani Caron.

* Reading the Green: Monthly newsletter for golfers authored by Joel Jaress, golf pro.

To help assure delivery of our email newsletters, please add the following emails to your contact or address list: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected].

Each newsletter has links at the bottom that allow you to unsubscribe from all newsletters or update your profile to add or delete a newsletter. Please know that if you unsubscribe from any one of the Quail Creek publications (What’s Happening, Fresh from the Grill, Quail Creek Ticketed Events, General Manager Update, Reading the Green), you are unsubscribing from all of them. If in doubt, contact [email protected] to update your subscriptions.

What’s Happening at Quail Creek is unique among our newsletters in that it contains paid advertising as well as news and announcements from the Quail Creek POA, clubs, and Quail Creek event committees. Paid advertising helps to defray the cost of publication.

To ensure that COVID-19 guidelines and protocols are being adhered to for the safety and well-being of our residents, announcements must be reviewed by Epifania Torres, [email protected], prior to publication in What’s Happening. This includes announcements for classes or events hosted by a club or individuals to which all Quail Creek residents are invited, whether they are hosted in a Quail Creek facility, a private home, or an outside event. Note that cloth masks, social distancing, and sanitizing will be required for any event published in What’s Happening. Announcements for events require 48 hours’ notice prior to publication.

We look forward to new events and activities in 2021 and hope you enjoy our newsletters!