Quail Creek golfers “look within”

Skip and Dreama Fumia

At the August, 2015, POA Board meeting the Board approved a proposal from General Manager Mike Taylor which was presented by Green Committee Chair Ralph Scafuri and endorsed unanimously by the Green Committee. This policy now limits outside play from October to May to Quail Creek residents (including, of course, renters) and their guests. Events such as our Invitationals and Member-Guest tournaments will not be affected by this since the participants are residents and guests of residents. Also, this will not affect our non-resident annual members (whose numbers are limited to 20 and are typically around 10).

Why was this measure taken? The primary reason for this change was to free up precious tee times for residents during our high season. The revenue brought by outside play was not significant enough to outweigh the negative effect on available tee times for our residents. This doesn’t mean that we’ll lose all revenue from outside play. Playing at Quail Creek will remain an option for non-residents during the summer months when our resident play volume is reduced.

What does this mean to Quail Creek golfers? In addition to increased tee time availability over the winter months, it also means increased responsibility! Remember to replace divots in the fairways, rake bunkers and repair ball marks on the greens. If you see our course looking tired from an array of insults, you can no longer reason that “it must be the outsiders.” We’ll have discovered the enemy and they are us!

It is the responsibility of golfers to play the course as they find it and to leave it in better shape than they found it. The Course Superintendent and his crew have plenty of work on their plates; the Adopt-a-Hole volunteers certainly make a huge contribution to the care and feeding of our course, but the Green Committee wants you to, once again, remember the three Rs (repair, replace, rake) and practice them each and every time you are out on the course.

The Green Committee is proud of our course and knows that you are too! Please do your part to keep our course beautiful during the winter season of high volume golf and high course traffic. Thank you!