Quail Creek Employee Appreciation Event – December 5

Dreama Fumia

It’s that time of year Quail Creek residents! Time to embark on our annual season of celebration and gratitude. On the evening of December 5, 2016 we will be celebrating our 175 Quail Creek POA employees and showing them our gratitude for the many services they provide throughout the year at our annual Employee Appreciation Event. At 4:00 p.m. on December 5, in the Madera Clubhouse Crystal Ballroom, our employees will be presented with gift cards that are commensurate with their hours of service to this community in 2016. This portion of the evening event is open to Quail Creek residents who would like to personally share in this expression of our gratitude. Afterwards, Chef Aris and his Food & Beverage staff will provide a buffet dinner for our employees’ enjoyment. When Chef Aris was asked if he wanted the event to be catered he replied, “Of course not, this is what we do!” So, he and his staff will be showcasing their considerable talents to delight the taste buds of their fellow employees! This evening is also an opportunity for our managers and staff to enjoy the company of their peers in a casual social setting.

Our employees, led by General Manager Mike Taylor, represent all facets of service to this community, from the Food & Beverage (Grill and Banquets) staff, to Golf Course Operations, Patrol, Anza Athletic Club, the Clubhouse, Events and Facilities, Grounds and Common Areas. Managers and staff in each of these areas work seamlessly to provide the excellent products and services we’ve come to expect.

Remember, this wonderful and well-deserved event does not happen without your help. The gift cards are funded solely by your donations. Marilyn Mazeika, POA Board President and tireless organizer of our Employee Appreciation event, has placed donation boxes in four convenient locations: the Grill, the Anza Athletic Club, the Pro Shop and the Madera Clubhouse. Just place your check (payable to the Quail Creek Employee Appreciation Event) in one of these boxes by November 28. (Donations received after November 28 will roll over to next year’s event.) Please take a moment to reflect on the many ways our employees make Quail Creek such a special place and then give as generously as you can. You can be sure that our employees appreciate this recognition, celebration and expression of gratitude in a big way. Please help us show them just how much we value their services.