Quail Creek Country Club: Women’s 18-Hole Club

Janet Johnson

Two Day PYP Eclectic was held Sept. 3 and 10.

Flight One

1st Place tie: Janet Johnson and Theresa Stein, -8; Cheryl Collyer and Sung Whitehead, -8

3rd Place: Karen Stensrud and Fran Walker, -6

Flight Two

1st Place: Kathy Brogdon and Kate Schwartz, -11

2nd Place: Alice Dyke and Sonia Heeren, -9

3rd Place: Dena Knox and Susan McCune, -4

Flight Three

1st Place tie: Linda Klaus and Kathy Stotz, -8; Beth Davis and Deb Riddell, -8

3rd Place: Mary Campbell-Jones and Betty Martens, -3

Flight Four

1st Place: Kathy Linn and Kris Weinberg, -8

2nd Place: Lynn Hamman and Bonnie Morgan, -4

3rd Place: Chris England and Vivian Parle, +4

Flight Five

1st Place: Kathy Printz and Kandi Roy, -5

2nd Place: Jan Ranney and Tommy Reid, -4

3rd Place: Margith Baker and Irena Birdsall, -2