Quail Creek Cool Car Club inaugural Car and Motorcycle Show – April 24, 2016

The first annual Car and Motorcycle Show will take place at the Quail Creek Clubhouse parking lot on April 24, 2016, from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

There will be a car show, DJ, barbeque, 50/50 raffle and fun, fun, fun.

Vehicle entry fee is $20.

Entertainment: Disc Jockey; the one and only DJ Warren B

Food and Beverage: Pulled pork BBQ prepared by the Quail Creek Food and Beverage Staff

The Quail Creek Cool Car Club is sponsoring a car and motorcycle show that will be held at the Quail Creek Clubhouse on April 24. The proceeds from the show will go to the Green Valley Food Bank.

If anyone in the community has a unique car or motorcycle that they would be interested in displaying in the show please contact Jack Davis at [email protected] or 303-489-6387 for more information.

The show will be limited to 50 cars and motorcycles. If there are more than 50 individuals interested in entering, a committee will choose the entries. To make it interesting for attendees we would hope to exhibit a wide variety of cars and motorcycles. If the show is successful hopefully next year we can expand the number of entries

Contact Jack Davis at 303-489-6387, Gary Pretzer at 708-774-1434 or Jay Lucas at 916-705-2846 for more information.