QCMGA Results

QCMGA 2-Man Chapman—PYP, January 11

Flight 1: 1st Jay Thompson and Greg Rathvon, 64; 2nd Jerry Schamp and Larry Mours, 66; 3rd George Lamping and Jeff Carmien, 66; 4th Kevin Collins and Richard Bobillot. 69.

Flight 2: 1st James Cooley and Chuck Sobiech, 66; 2nd David Kromer and Richard Willey, 66; 3rd Elza Harmon and Robin Barnes, 66; 4th Joe Lynch and Tracey Austell 71.

Flight 3: 1st Bill Sheppard, Jr., and Alfred Gong, 66; 2nd Bob Erickson and Edward Didrickson, 66; 3rd Bob Litle and Steve Perry, 70; 4th Greg Dinnocenti and Ronnie Hemphill, 70.

Flight 4: 1st Gordy Johnson and Doug McNeil, 63; 2nd Jim Hart and Bill Hoppe, 64; 3rd Tommy Murray and George Vukovich, 65; 4th James Easley and Rick Wade, 66.

Flight 5: 1st Tim Phillips and William Price, 67; 2nd Rich Morgan and Dana Stanley, 70; 3rd Ray Nicholson and Gary Gorman, 70; 4th Norm Waters and Tom England, 70.

Flight 6: 1st Ron Parle and George Ratts, 68; 2nd John Burns and Jerry Colbert, 68; 3rd Greg Bengeult and Michael Neely, 69; 4th Jim Lynch and John Shevlin, 69.

QCMGA ABCD 2 Best Ball Shamble, January 4

1. James Cooley, Dave Meadows, Michael Neely, Bob Rowland, -19

2. Jay Allred, Allen Mitro, Stan Mocek, Russell Adamson, -19

3. Chuck Sobiech, Bob Erickson, Jim Lynch, James Easley, -17

4. Kevin Collins, Mickey Steele, John Tucker, Jerry Bisping, -15

5. Jock Olson, Richard Del Fava, Jim Hart, Gary Wibbenhorst, -14

6. Dennis Pechan, Robert Wright, Mike Fox, Rick Bellin, -14

7. David Kromer, Dave Erickson, Rick Sutton, Norm Waters, -13

8. Robin Barnes, Wilson Prokosch, Rich Ruge, Alfred Gong, -13