QCMGA Results


QCMGA 6GLD-6SIL-6COP Low Net, August 22

Flight 1: 1st Dirk Ganser 69; 2nd Gordon Bobillot 70; 3rd James Neely 70; 4th Steve Mooneyham 72; 5th Randall Conn 72

Flight 2: 1st Barry Davis 69; 2nd Steve Perry 71; 3rd John Terveen 72; 4th Mitchell Matheys 75; 5th Richard Willey 75

Flight 3: 1st Chuck Copus 71; 2nd Mike Fox 72; 3rd Gary Gorman 72; 4th Dana Stanley 74; 5th Jim Lynch 75

Flight 4: 1st Craig Witt 75; 2nd Rich Morgan 76; 3rd Rick Sutton 77; 4th John Burns 77; 5th Don Fauth 80

QCMGA 2-Man Chicago, August 29

SIL Flight 1: 1st James Neely and George Prest -12; 2nd Don Ellison and Steve Arendt -12; 3rd Steve Mooneyham and Vance Gross -16

SIL Flight 2: 1st Mike Fox and Dana Stanley -4; 2nd Dennis Pechan and Chuck Copus -15; 3rd Howard Huisel and Larry Bowers -15

SCC Flight 1: 1st Dave Erickson and Doug Mattoon -9; 2nd Elza Harmon and Rick Ruge -10; 3rd Tracey Austell and JB King -11

SCC Flight 2: 1st Craig Witt and Rich Morgan -8; 2nd Rudy Lucero and Shree Kalluri -12; 3rd John Burns and Jerry Colbert -13

QCMGA Irish 4 Ball, September 5

1st: Vance Gross, Dennis Pechan, Jim Lynch, Thom Comfort 148

2nd: Steve Mooneyham, Robert Wright, John Shevlin, Gary Reitz 150

3rd: David Cry, Michael Neely, Doug Mattoon, Rich Morgan 152

4th: Bill Sheppard, Chuck Copus, Dennis Brinkerhoff, Dave Jahne 152

5th: Randy Davis, Richard Willey, Dave Erickson, Shree Kalluri 154

6th: Mitchell Matheys, Paul Leuthold, Alfred Gong, Norm Waters 155

QCMGA Individual Stableford, September 12

Silver Flight 1: 1st Timothy Toon 38, 2nd Steve Mooneyham 36, 3rd Randy Davis 36, 4th Dale Backus 35

Silver Flight 2: 1st Frank Martinez 33, 2nd Steven Jarrett 33, 3rd Dick Del Fava 33, 4th John Oljar 32

Silver Flight 3: 1st Craig Smith 34, 2nd Chuck Copus 32, 3rd Dana Stanley 31, 4th Alfred Gong 31

SCC Flight 1: 1st Elza Harmon 38, 2nd Bob Erickson 38, 3rd Larry Brooks 37, 4th John Shevlin 35

SCC Flight 2: 1st John Burns 35, 2nd Steve Comito 31, 3rd JB King 30, 4th Don Fauth 28

QCMGA Foursomes Alternate Shot, September 19

SIL Flight 1: 1st Ted Long and Richard Willey 73; 2nd Randy Fischels and Larry Mours 75; 3rd Steve Mooneyham and Vance Gross 75

SIL Flight 2: 1st Rick Wagner and Craig Smith 77; 2nd Dennis Pechan and Chuck Copus 78; 3rd Gene Knox and Jay Allred 81

SIL Flight 3: 1st Kelly Michaelis and Keith Hagerich 73; 2nd Robert Wright and Jim McNiel 76; 3rd Kyle Evens and Ray Menard 76

SCC Flight 1: 1st Tim Stoltman and JB King 68; 2nd Jeffrey Hoover and Rick Ruge 74; 3rd Dave Erickson and Bill Price 74

SCC Flight 2: 1st Alfred Gong and Bob Rowland 72; 2nd Dave Jahne and Shree Kalluri 73;a 3rd Bill Cashel and Tony Shaw 79