QCMGA Results

QCMGA 2-Man Stableford, July 25

SIL Flight 1: 1st Gene Knox and Kelly Michaelis 40, 2nd Vance Gross and Steven Jarrett 39, 3rd Dirk Ganser and Chuck Sobiech 39

SIL Flight 2: 1st Kyle Evens and Alfred Gong 43, 2nd Dale Backus and Jeffrey Greene 40, 3rd Dennis Pechan and Craig Witt 39

SCC Flight: 1st Elza Harmon and Rick Ruge 42, 2nd Michael Neely and JB King 39

SCC/COP Flight: 1st John Shevlin and Greg Bengeult 43, 2nd Richard Johnson and George Ratts 41

QCMGA ABCD Stableford, August 1

1st: Jim Lubinski, Craig Smith, Jim McNiel, Rich Morgan 137

2nd: Chuck Sobiech, Elza Harmon, Ray Menard, Don Fauth 133

3rd: Don Ellison, Howard Huisel, Keith Hagerich, Russell Adamson 130

4th: Randall Conn, Paul Leuthold, Barry Davis, John Burns 130

5th: Steven Arendt, Leo Padilla, Dana Stanley, Dave Jahne 130

QCMGA Four Ball Match Play

Round Robin, August 8, 10, and 15

SIL Flight 1: 1st Gordon Bobillot and Clark Wilson 64, 2nd Vance Gross and Steve Mooneyham 58

SIL Flight 2: 1st Dale Backus and John Terveen 74, 2nd Dennis Pechan and Dirk Ganser 55

SIL Flight 3: 1st Barry Davis and Steven Arendt 73, 2nd Chuck Sobiech and Craig Witt 58

SCC Flight 1: 1st Leo Padilla and Tracey Austell 75, 2nd Rick Ruge and Jeffrey Hoover 63

SCC Flight 2: 1st Michael Neely and Greg Bengeult 72, 2nd Rick Sutton and Joel Otterson 62

SCC Flight 3: 1st Rich Morgan and John Burns 70, 2nd Dave Jahne and John Shevlin 58