QCMGA Golf Scores

QCMGA 2 Man Best Ball: December 29

Paul Schupmann

Flight 1

1. Robert Anderson and Jeff Guest, 66

T2. Gordon Bobillot and Jerry Schamp, 68

T2. Todd Smyth and Charles Sobiech, 68

Flight 2

1. Phil Lamb and John Soderberg, 67

2. Larry Taylor and Tracey Austell, 68

Flight 3

1. Jerry Olsen and Bob Laxague, 66

T2. Scott Brannan and Doug Mattoon, 68

T2. Michael Eldridge and Tom England, 68

T2. Greg Nilson and Tim Stoltman, 68

Flight 4

T1. Mike Sable and Norm Waters, 69

T1. Jay St. John and Tim Printz, 69

T1. Douglas McNeil and Gordy Johnson, 69

Flight 5

1. Jim Lynch and Greg Bengeult, 69

T2. Rick Gottas and Bob Rowland, 71

T2. Randy Hamman and Rich Morgan, 71

QCMGA 2 Man Best Ball: January 12

Paul Schupmann

Flight 1

1. Robert Anderson and Jeff Guest 64

2. Allen Mitro and Bob Spetter 69

Flight 2

1. Craig Parsons and Ralph Scafuri 66

2. Skip Byron and Leo Padilla 68

Flight 3

1. Richard Bell and David Meadows 62

2. Mark Davidson and Richard Willey 64

Flight 4

1. Sean Comfort and Gene Knox 62

2. Greg Nilson and Tim Stoltman 68

Flight 5

1. Doug Kosloske and Dale Miller 67

T2. Steve Comito and William Price 70

T2. James Easley and Wilson Prokosch 70

Flight 6

1. Alfred Gong and Bill Sheppard Jr. 63

2. Craig Johnson and James Miller 65

Flight 7

1. Don Fauth and Mocek 64

2. Mike Fox and Norm Waters 65

Copper Flight

1. Jim Hart and Tim Phillips 67

2. Dave Erickson and Jerry Smith 71

Copper 2 Flight

1. Frank Cerrone and Stephan Cutter 69

2. Tom Gierada and Thomas Haberer 71

QCMGA ABCD One Net Best Ball: January 5

Paul Schupmann

1. Jay Allred, Dan Jondal, Terry Kriesal, Steve Lloyd -14

T2. Paul Schupmann, Doug Kosloske, Rob Wright, Brian Clendenin -12

T2. Gene Knox, Gary Damian, Jim Hart, Rich Morgan -12

QCMGA Multiple Format 6-6-6: December 22

Paul Schupmann

Flight 1

1. Gordon Bobillot and Clark Wilson, 70

T2. Bill Eckebrecht and Randy Davis, 72

T2. George Lamping and Dwight Hildebrand, 72

T2. Larry Mours and Richard Messer, 72

Flight 2

1. Thomas McDonald and Allen Mitro, 70.5

2. Todd Smyth and Charles Sobiech, 71.7

Flight 3

1. Tommy Murray and George Vukovitch, 68.1

2. Jeff Hanson and Jim Jacobsen, 71

Flight 4

1. Tim Stoltman and Greg Nilson, 65.9

2. Rob Nesbitt and JB King, 66

Flight 5

1. Ted Harrison and Jerry Shearer, 61

2. Bob Laxague and Jerry Olsen, 65

Flight 6

1. Bob Rowland and Rick Gottas, 71

2. Bill Sheppard Jr. and Alfred Gong, 71.3

Flight 7

1. Don Fauth and Stan Mocek, 70

2. Fred Baum and Ronnie Hemphill, 72


1. Jim Hart and Bill Hoppe, 69

2. Jim Lynch and Tom England, 69.6

Pick Your Foursome, 2 BB: December 24

Debbie Scott

First Flight

First Place: Cheryl Francis, Susan McCune, Dena Knox, and Roz Harrison

Second Place: Peg Avent, Janet Johnson, Sherry Morris, and Bobbi Jo Rathvon

Second Flight

First Place: Robin Brannan, Chris Laxague, Pat Tillipaugh, and Nancy Planck

Second Place: Dian Simmons, Chris Gould, Beth Davis, and Ronnee Epstein

Third Flight

First Place: Phyllis O’Brien, Lucille Carroll, and Margith Baker

Second Place: Kathy Linn, Sharon Schoen, Frances Martin, and Kris Weinberg

Low Gross/Low Net Flighted: January 8

Debbie Scott

Low Gross

First Flight

First Place: Bobbi Jo Rathvon; Bonny Wilcox

Second Flight

First Place: Betty Martens; Sherry Morris

Third Flight

First Place: Kathy Linn

Second Place: Pat Tillipaugh

Fourth Flight

First Place: Kathy Thompson; Patty Zatkin

Fifth Flight

First Place: Sharon Bisping

Second Place: Kris Weinberg

Low Net

First Flight

First Place: Jacquie Owens

Second Place: Sonia Heeren

Second Flight

First Place: Theresa Stein; Sandy Hedlund

Third Flight

First Place: Brenda Allred

Second Place: Christine Laxague

Fourth Flight

First Place: Susan Landwehr

Second Place: Pam Campbell; Ilene Olson; Linda Ulery

Fifth Flight

First Place: Lindsay Dickinson; Phyllis O’Brien

Individual Stableford: Jan. 14

Debbie Scott

First Flight

First Place: Bobbi Jo Rathvon; Sonia Heeren

Second Place: Kate Schwartz

Second Flight

First Place: Sherry Morris

Second Place: Theresa Stein

Third Place: Alice Dyke; Roz Harrison

Third Flight

First Place: Dena Knox

Second Place: Cheryl Collyer

Fourth Flight

First Place: Rose Welliver

Second Place: Judith Olsen

Third Place: Terri Bacon

Fifth Flight

First Place: Pat Tillipaugh

Second Place: Brenda Easley

Third Place: Kathy Thompson

Sixth Flight

First Place: Kris Weinberg

Second Place: Ilene Olson; Linda Klaus

Seventh Flight

First Place: Phyllis O’Brien

Second Place: Margith Baker

Third Place: Sharon Bisping

PYP 2 Person Shamble: December 31

Debbie Scott

First Flight

First Place: Janet Johnson and Bobbi Jo Rathvon

Second Place: Amy Carmien and Deb Riddell

Third Place: Bonny Wilcox and Linda Price; Cheryl Collyer and Sung Whitehead; Carol Hocking and Debbie Scott

Second Flight

First Place: Chris England and Sandy Hedlund

Second Place: Brenda Allred and Dena Knox

Third Flight

First Place: Brenda Easley and Kathy Thompson

Second Place: Carol Clifford and Rose Welliver

Third Place: Christine Laxague and Nancy Planck

Fourth Flight

First Place: Sharon Bisping and Linda Ulery

Second Place: Linda Kelly and Phyllis O’Brien; Holly Crombie and Patty Zatkin