QCMGA: AABB/CCDD 2 Best Balls Net July 28, 2020

Paul Schupmann

Division 1: AABB

T1. Tom Beach, Scott Brannan, Vance Gross, and Ron Kordalski 133

T1. Ken Baggen, Gordon Bobillot, Tom Kelly, and Craig Parsons 133

T1. Bush Bishop, Dale Miller, Allen Mitro, and Daniel Ward 133

T1. Tracey Austell, Richard Ulery, Martin Wibbenhorst, and Shel Zatkin 133

Division 2: CCDD

1. David Friel, Ronald Neal, and Ron Parle 135

T2. Ted Harrison, Robert Marshall, Michael Neely, and Bob Rowland 136

T2. Fred Baum, Alfred Gong, Rich Morgan, and Tim Phillips 136