QCMGA 2 Man Shamble: October 20

Paul Schupmann

Flight 1:

1. Vance Gross and Tim Toon, 65

T2. Richard Willey and Mark Davidson, 67

T2. Skip Byron and Leo Padilla, 67

T2. Tracey Austell and Larry Taylor, 67

T2. Randy Davis and Bill Eckebrecht, 67

Flight 2:

T1. Ken Baggen and Tom Chandler, 64

T1. James Cooley and Howard Huisel, 64

T3. Gene Knox and Sean Comfort, 67

T3. Elza Harmon and Michael Vance, 67

T3. John Soderberg and Phil Lamb, 67

Flight 3:

1. Rick Gottas and Bob Rowland, 62

2. Charles Sobiech and Andy Asselin, 63

3. Joel Otterson and William Stock, 65

Flight 4:

1. Dale Dannen and Don Fauth, 64

2. Randy Hamman and Rich Morgan, 66

T3. Gerald Veydt and Larry Bowers, 68

T3. Brian Kuehn and Chuck Stensrud, 68

T3. Jay St. John and Philip Wade, 68

Copper Flight:

T1. Tim Phillips and Gary Damian, 65

T1. Dan Graham and Robert Marshall, 65

T3. Stephen Cutter and Frank Cerrone, 66

T3. Bill Hoppe and Jim Hart, 66