QCLGA: Throw Out Three Worst Holes, April 22

Debbie Scott

Flight One

First Place: Karen Stensrud

Second Place: Sung Whitehead

Third Place (tie): Sonia Heeren and Theresa Stein

Flight Two

First Place: Peg Avent

Second Place (tie): Janet Johnson and Susan McCune

Flight Three

First Place (tie): Cherie McDaniels, Sharon Schoen, and Brenda Allred

Flight Four

First Place (tie): Kathy Linn, Bonnie Anderson, and Linda Price

Flight Five

First Place: Lucille Carroll

Second Place: Kris Weinberg

Third Place (tie): Phyllis O’Brien, Kathy Thompson, and Patty Harmon

Flight Six

First Place: Kandi Roy

Second Place: Holly Crombie

Third Place (tie): Tommy Reid and Susan Kuehn