QCLGA Results

QCLGA Play the Middle Leaderboard, December 2

Flight 1: 1st Alice Dyke; 2nd Bobbi Jo Rathvon; 3rd (tie) Jacquie Owens and Sung Whitehead

Flight 2: 1st Dena Knox; 2nd Elizabeth Heintz; 3rd (tie) Stacia Sower and Sharon Schoen

Flight 3: 1st Chris Laxague; 2nd (tie) Kathy Linn, Pat Newport, and Rose Welliver

Flight 4: 1st Kathy Thompson; 2nd Beth Davis; 3rd Kathy Brogdon

Flight 5: 1st Ilene Olson; 2nd (tie) Kandi Roy and Phyllis O’Brien

QCLGA PYP – Chapman Scotch, December 9

Flight 1: 1st Bobbi Jo Rathvon/Karen Stensrud; 2nd Amy Carmien/Deb Riddell; 3rd Sandy Hedlund/Sung Whitehead

Flight 2: 1st Brenda Allred/Dena Knox; 2nd Stacia Sower/Ann Marie Karcher

Flight 3: 1st Pat Tillipaugh/Cherie McDaniels; 2nd Linda Price/Patty Zatkin

Flight 4: 1st Bonnie Morgan/Ilene Olson; 2nd Linda Klaus/Kathy Stotz

Flight 5: 1st Phyllis O’Brien/Kathy Printz; 2nd Holly Crombie/Sandi Hrovatin

QCLGA Throw Out Your Worst Three Holes, Dec. 23

Debbie Scott

Flight 1: 1st Alice Dyke; 2nd (tie) Bobbi Jo Rathvon, Karen Stensrud, Sung Whitehead, Sherry Morris

Flight 2: 1st Dena Knox; 2nd (tie) Brenda Allred, Roz Harrison

Flight 3: 1st (tie) Chris Laxague, Kathy Thompson; 3rd Bonnie Morgan

Flight 4: 1st Lindsay Dickinson; 2nd (tie) Patty Zatkin, Lucille Carroll

Flight 5: 1st Phyllis O’Brien; 2nd Linda Kelly

QCLGA Individual Net Stableford – December 23, 2021

Debbie Scott

Flight 1: 1st Kate Schwartz, 2nd Bonnie Wilcox

Flight 2: Sherry Morris, 2nd Carol Hocking

Flight 3: 1st Sandy Hedlund, 2nd (tie) Chris Laxague and Dena Knox

Flight 4: 1st Bonny Morgan, 2nd Phyllis O’Brien

State Medallion Winners

During 2021, QCLGA held four qualifying rounds to determine our Low Gross and Low Net representatives to participate in the Arizona State Medallion Tournament to be held on Jan. 15 and 16. The best two out of four scores were used to determine the winners (participation in all four rounds was not required).

Congratulations to both Bobbi Jo Rathyon, our low gross winner, with a combined gross score of 169, and Margith Baker, our low net winner, with a combined net score of 141.

The top five in each category were as follows:

Low Gross:

Bobbi Jo Rathyon, 169

Kate Schwartz, 177

Bonny Wilcox, 178

Karen Stensrud, 179

Sherry Morris, 180

Low Net:

Margith Baker, 141

Sherry Morris, 143

Phyllis O’Brien, 144

Teresa Stein, 144

Roz Harrison, 145

Kate Schwartz, 145