QCLGA Results

PYP 2-Day Eclectic, February 25 and March 4

Debbie Scott

First Flight

First Place Tie: Cheryl Opsal/Jacquie Owens; Alice Dyke/Sonia Heeren; Bobbi Jo Rathvon/Bonny Wilcox

Second Flight

First Place Tie: Brenda Allred/Dena Knox; Lucille Carroll/Susan McCune

Third Place: Roz Harrison/Theresa Stein

Third Flight

First Place Tie: Kathy Coleman/Pat Crane; Sherry Morris/Patty Zatkin

Fourth Flight

First Place Tie: Marie Cook/Debbie Smith; Jan Delcour/Lin Sanford; Robin DeLozier/Sandi Hrovatin

Fifth Flight

First Place: Terri Erickson/Cathy Nelms

Second Place: Margith Baker/Phyllis O’Brien

QCLGA: 2-Person Best Ball Modified March 19

Janet Johnson

36 Couples

Flight 1


1. Rathvon, Greg and Rathvon, Bobbi Jo


1. Dinnocenti, Greg and Dinnocenti, Sandy

2T. Erickson, Dave and Owens, Jacquie

2T. Olson, Tim and Olson, Chris

Flight 2


1. Allred, Jay and Allred, Brenda


1T. Thompson, Jay and Thompson, Kathy

1T. Knox, Gene and Knox, Dena

Flight 3


1. Harmon, Elza and Harmon, Patty


1. Morgan, Rich and Harrison, Roz

2. Waters, Norman and Collyer, Cheryl

Flight 4


1. Fox, Mike and Fox, Julia


1. O’Brien, Chris and O’Brien, Phyllis

2. Hamman, Randy and Hamman, Lynn

Flight 5


1. Gong, Alfred and Gong, Cynthia


1. Hoover, Jeffrey and Hoover, Cynthia