QCLGA Results

QCLGA 18-Hole Member/Guest Tournament, April 20

Flight 1 Low Net: 1st Alice Dyke and Sherry Caldwell, 2nd Jan Scissons and Lana Archer, 3rd Sung Whitehead and Hye Fish

Flight 2 Low Net: 1st Cheryl Opsal and Jan Rintala, 2nd Sherry Morris and Rose Rubio, 3rd Michelle Gazica and Kim Odegaard

Flight 3 Low Net: 1st Julia Fox and Laura Fischer, 2nd Radie Haytack and Michelle Curry, 3rd Chris Gould and Kthy Stefanon

Flight 4 Low Net: 1st Sharon Scheon and Karen Callen, 2nd Phyllis O’Brien and Twyla Gerdes, 3rd Francis Martin and Lulu Field

Flight 5 Low Net: 1st Margith Baker and Marcia Harris, 2nd Vicky Thomas and Melva Irvin, 3rd Janet Wegner and Pat Trimball

Flight 1 Low Gross: 1st Bobbi Jo Rathvon and Janet Skaife, 2nd Janet Johnson and Lexie Kupers, 3rd Jane Gibson and Lindsey Berg

Flight 2 Low Gross: 1st Kathy Printz and Carolyn Apodaca, 2nd Sonia Heeren and Anita Cohne, 3rd Jean Kienitz and Terry Benoy

Flight 3 Low Gross: 1st Carol Hocking and Barbara Rainey, 2nd Susan McCune and Linh Lam, 3rd Robin Brannan and Cheryl Dietz

Flight 4 Low Gross: 1st Dianna Muniskin and Seidiegh Khodaverdi, 2nd Ann Carr and Kitty McCarthy, 3rd Pat Tillipaufg and Penny Tilley

Flight 5 Low Gross: 1st Marie Cook and Elizabeth Cornell, 2nd Kathy Thompson and Marla Sherrard, 3rd Kandi Roy and Donna Drumheller

QCLGA 18-Hole Telegraph Southern District Leaderboard Results, April 13

Flight 1: 1st Bobbi Jo Rathvon, 2nd Jane Gibson

Flight 2: 1st Radie Haytack, 2nd Janet Johnson

Flight 3: 1st Dianne Turner, 2nd Alice Dyke

Flight 4: 1st Kathy Linn, 2nd Cheryl Collyer

Flight 5: 1st Phyllis O’Brien, 2nd Francis Martin

Flight 6: 1st Sharon Bisping, 2nd Dianna Muniskin

Flight 7: 1st Linda Kelly, 2nd Vicky Thomas