QCLGA Results

QCLGA Girls Just Want to Have Fun 18-Hole Players, 9-Hole Players, and 1-Putter, January 26

Kathy Thompson

Flight 1: 1st T. Nicholsen, D.Wilson, and R. Kauppi; 2nd J. Owens, J. Dlugos, and R. Kauppi

Flight 2: 1st D. Knox, P. Rodgers, and S. Newton; 2nd T. Bacon, P. Rodgers, and S. Newton

Flight 3: 1st R. Harrison, R. Hensley, and M. Yenerich; 2nd D. Scott, F. Vanselow, and M Yenerich

Flight 4: 1st C. Gould, F. Gagliardi, and C. Nowack; 2nd (tie) K. Linn, C. Gong, S. Cerrone, F. Martin, J. White

Flight 5: 1st P. O’Brien, J. Mocek, and P. Koeing; 2nd C. Laxague, J. Wibbenhorst, and D. Dodd

Flight 6: 1st P. Jones, C. Trueman, and S. Root; 2nd B. Morgan, M. Harris, and L. Anderson

Flight 7: 1st D. Nelson, B. Harsch, and D. Romero; 2nd (tie) D. Nelson, L. Schmidt, and D. Romero; K. Thompson, C. Thiele, and B. Christensen

Flight 8: 1st D. Minuskin, G. Camp, and T. Davis; 2nd S. Hrovatin, M. Taylor, and T. Davis

QCLGA Throw Out 3 Worst
Holes, State Medallion Qualifier #2, February 23

Kathy Thompson

Flight 1: 1st Sung Whitehead, 2nd Ely Cashel

Flight 2: 1st Jean Kientz, 2nd (tie) R. Haytack and J. Owens

Flight 3: 1st Debbie Riddel, 2nd Alice Dyke

Flight 4: 1st Cherie McDaniels, 2nd Brenda Allred

Flight 5: 1st Linda Ulrey, 2nd Phyllis O’Brien, 3rd (tie) L. Klaus and K. Brogdan

Flight 6: 1st Kathy Thompson, 2nd Pat Tillapaugh

Flight 7: 1st (tie) M. Baker, K. Roy, and A. Trosclair

QCLGA Low Net Individual Play, February 2

Kathy Thompson

Flight 1: 1st S. Whitehead, 2nd (tie) K. Stensrud, T. Stein, and J. Johnson

Flight 2: 1st (tie) S. Heeren and T. Bacon

Flight 3: 1st A. Carr, 2nd R. Brannon, 3rd D. Scott

Flight 4: 1st C. Nelms, 2nd M. Newman, 3rd C. McDaniels, 4th S. Scheon

Flight 5: 1st B. Davis, 2nd (tie) J. Mathis and K. Brogdan

Flight 6: 1st S. Bisping, 2nd I. Olsen, 3rd M. Baker

QCLGA 2-Day Eclectic, February 9 and 16

Kathy Thompson

Southern District Del Sud Results:

Flight 1: 1st Janet Johnson, 2nd Bobbi Jo Rathvon, 3rd Sung Whitehead

Flight 2: 1st Robin Brannon, 2nd Cheryl Opsal, 3rd (tie) R. Haytack and S. Morris

Flight 3: 1st Debbie Riddel, 2nd (tie) S. Hedlund and P. Avent

Flight 4: 1st (tie) B. Martens and S. Schoen, 3rd (tie) C. McDaniels and C. Laxague

Flight 5: 1st (tie) L. Klaus and L. Ulery

Flight 6: 1st (tie) K. Thompson and V. Thomas, 3rd I. Olson